Last Word on "Hadji Girl"

A reader makes a point about the Marine video I want to be persuaded by:

Why did he smile?

I understand your interpretation based on your first "hearing" and your revised correction. However, as a former intelligence analyst, I have an alternative to suggest:

A. Marine "duped" by Hadji Girl and led into an ambush
B. Ambush is "sprung"
C. Sister is murdered by ambushers
D. Marine smiles because he now understands his situation and his rules of engagement, which he believes leave him with the upper hand, since he is a "Marine".

The context is that our soldiers are restrained by rules of engagement, often just beyond the point of allowing the terrorists the first blood. They are "unrestrained" when the situation allows them to act on their training and to take action against the enemy. This is a moment of "relief" and filled with the fervor of battle.

The writer of the song probably never thought anyone would interpret his words as meaning joy that a little girl was killed.

In intelligence, we need to understand what various people were really thinking when they said or wrote something. My "practiced" analysis led me to this other interpretation.

Words are very imprecise things.

Thanks. Let's just say I hope that interpretation is the right one. And I am deeply grateful for men and women who risk their lives to protect my right to criticize them.