Is Our President Learning?


There are some signs that the Cheney-Rumsfeld bubble is beginning to be pierced by people with an actual grasp on reality. Greg Djerejian notes several pieces of evidence that change might be afoot, and that Bush realizes - finally! - that he has to listen to fresh voices. One of those voices is Fred Kagan. Greg's position is very close to mine:

Having come this far, can we really say every man who dies here on out will have died for a mistake, or is there hope that the project can still be salvaged? This is not an easy question for those of us who haven't already made up our minds either way, and the burden is high on either side of the question given the immense human stakes involved (more American deaths if we stay, and likely even greater horrors for Iraqis if we precipitously leave). I have no easy answer, and it's somewhat glib to suggest we simply hope for the best, and soldier on. But still, mightn't this not be the most responsible policy decision, all told, if we are finally beginning to move our policy in more intelligent directions?

Yes, it is. We have one commander-in-chief; and Iraq must be won. The new Kerry anti-war position (I haven't checked in the last fifteen minutes) is, once again, the wrong one. Hillary, in contrast, is right to stay engaged. If the war degenerates past hope, she will be finished, as will Bush. But the history is not written yet; and her current position may be the sanest one.