Iranians in Germany

Despite the presence of the Islamist vice-president of the Iranian theocracy, some Iranians at the World Cup in Germany have taken the occasion to express their true feelings. According to this blog, the fans also sang the old Iranian national anthem. Money quote:

Soccerfaniran_1 While the Islamic Republic's national hymn was played, many Iranian fans sang the original Iranian national anthemn, named 'Ey-Iran! Marze por Gohar'. The latter has been officially banned by the Khomeinist regime since 1979.

The same goes for the national flag, that is the Lion & Sun flag, used for thousands of years with small changes in the centuries, but abolished by the Islamist regime since when it took power in 1979. Since then, the regime imposed the current flag, whose symbol represents Islamism.

The photo above is inspiring, is it not? The woman is not only burka-free, she is waving the old flag. In Iran, she may not have been allowed into a stadium. Know hope.