Husker Du Nostalgia

A reader writes:

Bodyofsong I remember that interview on Joan Rivers' short-lived series well. Bob seemed a bit nervous in the beginning but settled down. I was shocked that they were going to even be on a "mainstream" talk show. Kind of like when The Pogues appeared on SNL.

Grant Hart was out of his f*cking mind during that interview. I thought he was going to start licking the floor or barking like a dog. You could tell that they weren't exactly getting along great at the time. They played "Could You Be the One?" which was their "hit" from Warehouse Songs & Stories and "She's A Woman" with Grant on lead vocals.

What a great and underrated band they were. I don't think I listened to anything my senior year in HS BUT Husker Du. People look back at the 80s as a wasteland music-wise but I'd give anything to see some of these classic post-punk bands get together to play some gigs. Husker Du would be at the top of the list (Dead Kennedys too).

You can hear Bob all the time at his DC club, BlowOff. And he just put out a new album, "Body Of Song." He has a blog too.