Hillary In Iowa

It's not looking too good. Money quote from Friday's Hardball:

Hillaryjimwatsonafpgettycrop NORAH O'DONNELL: Tom, you are blazing the trail out there with everybody on the ground, the activists that really matter, even before the rest of us get out there. So you really know the ground truth out there about what’s going on. And I understand you've been in Iowa recently as well. And so how are they feeling about Senator Hillary Clinton as the Democratic front-runner?

TOM CURRY: You know, Norah, the strange thing that I found when I was in Iowa 10 days ago is that active Democrats, loyal Democrats, they are pessimistic about Hillary Clinton running for their party’s nomination.

O’DONNELL: Really? Because they don't think she can win?

CURRY: Because they think she would be defeated in the general election and because they think she is too polarizing a figure. I didn't — I could not come across one active Democrat in my four or five days in Iowa who was enthusiastic about her running.

Makes sense to me.

(Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty.)