Email on the Email of the Day

The debate sharpens:

The defense of W would have been more persuasive if your reader didn't violate his own advice in the text of the message. Your emailer wrote:

Readers' purported "psychoanalyses" are not the musings of intelligent adults, but those of peevish adolescents... Any mature adult should realize that, nearly every time one tries to guess at a person's agenda or motivations, one ends up embarrassingly far from the mark ... all this brilliant "psychoanalyzing" is simply an attempt to belatedly jump on the Bush-bashing bandwagon that has been rolling on for years ...

How does he know that your other readers are "attempting to jump on the bandwagon?" Is he a brilliant psychoanalyst or a peevish adolescent?

Just a peevish psychoanalyst, I'd say.