Email on the Email of the Day

A reader takes issue with the email posted earlier today:

Where do you find such fools? First of all, this person should be ashamed of himself: A cringer and crier and a curser, who today 'can hardly remember' any of the 10,000 perfectly valid strategic and humanitarian reasons for removing Saddam from power. His 'soul is seared' and it burns him, and yet in his pain and victimhood he can't be bothered to remember what he supported about the war in the first place. And why can't he remember them? Why of course, because of the 'shockingly disgraceful way it has been waged.' The few bad things that have gone wrong trump any and all the positive things that have been done, although this ass-hat cant be bothered to recall any of them.

Pardon my French, but this person can go screw himself. What is 'shockingly disgraceful' is that you find some common ground with this person.

I don't believe for one second that this person ever a) remotely understood what is at stake in the Middle East and the struggle against medieval Islamic fascism, or b) if he did understand it had the courage to see it through even knowing that war is a dirty business and sometimes bad things happen in war. Sorry for the cliché, but if the cliché fits: If this clown - and people like him - were around in WW2 we'd all be speaking German or Japanese.

And for the record I am powerfully troubled by the latest headlines as any decent human being would be. And if what is being alleged turns out to be true, then some devil dogs and their enabling superiors need to hang. But I simply can't take any more of this gleeful triumphalism on the left and among the fair-weather Americans that predicates itself on American failure and barbarity, while the worst sins of our enemies go unremarked upon by people like your humble E-mailer du Jour.

Well, I'm glad to give these opinions a venue; and I can see whence they come. But I don't think this blog has ever stinted in revealing the evil of the enemy we are up against. And a great deal of my frustration is my recognition of this evil, and the inadequate means we have deployed to counter it; and the pointless immorality of some of the decisions and actions that have brought us closer to their level. In that sense, I find some common ground with both these emails. And I imagine I am not alone.