Email of the Day

A reader writes:

It is extraordinarily disappointing to me that this blog has fallen into the sort of vulgar Bush-bashing that the pseudointellectuals in this country have been engaging in for years. Readers' purported "psychoanalyses" are not the musings of intelligent adults, but those of peevish adolescents; I've heard precisely the same drivel (only perhaps stated with slightly fewer bells and whistles) from kids at my high school.

Any mature adult should realize that, nearly every time one tries to guess at a person's agenda or motivations, one ends up embarrassingly far from the mark. People are extraordinarily complex beings, and the Presidency of our country is an extraordinarily complex position; the idea that anyone can wittily sum up what is going on in the President's mind in a paragraph or two is presumptuous and naïve at best.

In the same spirit, it seems only appropriate that people on the blog have now taken to using information from that brilliant, balanced expose on the Presidency, Fahrenheit 9/11. Yes, indeed, George W. Bush sat for a few minutes after the first planes hit on September 11th. I anxiously anticipate the moment when your readers will share with us the brave and empowered actions that they took when the country that they governed was brutally and unexpectedly attacked.

Until then, at least let us not mask that all this brilliant "psychoanalyzing" is simply an attempt to belatedly jump on the Bush-bashing bandwagon that has been rolling on for years. As for me, while I acknowledge that things have not gone as well as they could have and should have, I am utterly unconvinced that this Presidency will be looked back on negatively in history, or that the next best alternative, John Kerry, would have fared any better.