Email from the A-Train

A reader writes:

I just wanted to tell you that while I was riding the A train in Manhattan the other day I overheard the following conversation between two elderly women:

#1: Did you see Larry King the other night with those priests talking about gays?
#2: Yes I did, what a bunch of silliness. This is what the church is worried about?
#1: Insane, I know. I mean I pray to God that my grandson meets the right boy and settles down.
#2: He's adorable! He'll have no problem.
#1: But the way the church preaches, you'd think they want him to be lonely. That British guy certainly put them in their place.

It was here that I could no longer remain silent and chimed in that I was heartened to hear them talk of the lunacy of the church's position, especially coming from people of their generation. They laughed and elderly lady #2 said: "I remember a quote they taught us in Sunday School. Jesus Christ said "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven". What are the Bush's and Cheney's worth? Millions. Why don't we hear about this "sin"? Why doesn't Larry King have shows dedicated to the sin of wealth?"

I had reached my stop and thanked them for making my day. I just thought I'd pass this along to the "British guy".