Dry Bones Still Breathe

You can read the full obit of my friend, Eric Rofes, here. He died far too young of a heart attack in Provincetown. He was found in bed surrounded by books and a laptop. Is there a better way to depart? Eric was a veteran of the old left, but he could never be described through any simple ideological prism. His work was as complex as his life, and his great contribution to gay politics and culture was to insist on such complexity at all times. He saw both marriage and sexual freedom, for example, as integral to human flourishing; and defended the ability of human beings to choose either. He was terrifically smart and deeply humane, befriending me, for example, when I was targeted by puritanical parts of the gay left, and always standing up to busy-bodies and moralizers on all sides. He was also honest - completely and deeply honest. The longer I live the more I treasure that virtue, the humility it requires, and the faith that sustains it. Eric proved it's possible to live that virtue. And he did so with enormous grace and good cheer.