Dobson Is Right

A reader explains:

Dobson is right. My Oregon marriage with my partner was viciously attacked by the forces of hell. It was anulled. Only the forces of Satan can dedicate so much of their lives to ensure that if I'm on my death bed in intensive care, I die alone, without my partner with me. Only Satan can want to inflict that type of pain on both of us.

Many of the anti-gay marriage laws prevent hospitalization visit rights: "Immediate family" members only and that excludes gay partners. We die alone.

Of course, the truth is: we already died alone. In the plague years, we saw what some people would do to inflict cruelty and pain and contempt on gay families, even in the hour of their direst need. To which my response was and is: Never again. For their sake, and to honor their memory, we will achieve our civil equality and defend our human dignity. Never again.