Coulter the Comic

Another view on the best-selling author, this time from an arch-conservative reader:

I'm about as radical a conservative as they come. I'm pro-life with ZERO exceptions, adamantly opposed to gay marriage, etc. However, I'm also not a fan of Ann Coulter, or at least the way that she and the media characterize her.  She is a comedian, nothing more, nothing less. I find her infinitely amusing, and most of what she says I agree with. However, the media (and Coulter herself) like to portray her as some leader of conservative thought. She's not. She takes the ideas that are already out there, finds the most amusing, hair-raising position that she can on those ideas, and presents them in a way as to generate laughs. This is a textbook comedian. She is someone that I enjoy reading and watching, but because she’s funny, not to help me develop or reinforce my ideas.  She is given WAY too much credit, and I really wish that everyone on both the right and left would take her a lot less seriously. She's funny. That's it.