Coulter Camp

A reader comments:

I heard Ann Coulter speak in Minnesota at our small, nice, liberal arts college. When she first walked in there was some heckling and boos. But then she began to talk and everything got quiet. You could visibly see her falter and rush in the silence. There were no outraged audience members, no yelling or protesting, just... boredom. She was terrible! It was like seeing WWF on TV and then getting a lecture from one of them. On politics. Just silly. In fact, the audience started to chuckle softly at points and then louder at others. But people do believe her and love her for the hate she spews. The college Republican leadership had "I heart Ann" and "Marry me Ann!" on their home made t-shirts. Like the WWF. Sad.

Actually, she's sad. No core convictions; no arguments; ad-copy prose; pure partisan circus. And she now claims the mantle of Christianity. You can indeed imagine Jesus speaking of widows the way Coulter does, can't you? May she one day forgive herself. No one else will.