"Hadji Girl" Revisited

Several readers have said I misunderstod the lyrics of the song, for which the Marine has now apologized. Listening closely again, I think I did - thanks to a much better video recording of the performance. The lyric I thought I heard and transcribed from the now-deleted YouTube video was:

"Then I hid behind the TV and locked a load in my M-16 and I blew those little girls to eternity."

But there's a tiny swear-word editing gap in the YouTube video which renders the word "little f**kers" as "little kers". In the context, I thought I heard "girls" rather than "kers." It didn't help that the sound isn't synced with the video. And so it seems the Marine is talking about blowing the son and father away, rather than the girls. My mistake. But even on this interpretation, this Marine's tale is of grabbing an innocent little girl as a human shield, and laughing maniacally as "blood sprayed between her eyes." And if you watch the video again, you'll see a broad smile flicker across the guy's face as he sings about the little girl's face being blown apart. You can read a celebration of this song over at LGF, and a much better video. (Malkin is "disgusted" that anyone be in any way offended. Smiling at the thought of a little girl's head being blown apart is fine by her.) The full lyrics are at BlackFive, which is also thrilled with the song. Money quote:

Thanks to Michael in MI for sending the lyrics and one high-freakin-larious leatherneck for writing and performing this. Holmes if they bring any scunion your way believe me, we will fire all we have.

I'm glad to correct the lyric. I'm not glad this happened. And it's hard for me to understand anyone who is. (P.S. Check out the posting in the second trackback of my first post.)