The Base Won't Budge


There are no signs of reconciliation toward the president after his speech on immigration. Here's Gary Bauer in his daily email to supporters:

"I understand the overnight 'snapshot' polling data on the president's proposal was pretty good, but I cannot say the same for the reaction of conservatives. Your messages to me were overwhelmingly negative, suggesting you view this plan as little more than a 'dressed up amnesty' bill."

Here's Richard Viguerie, a man who once rhetorically cast Ronald Reagan from the "conservative" movement:

"[Bush] may get his way, but he won't get it this year. He may get it next year because the conservatives will be so angry at the Republican leadership - starting with the president, but the congressional Republicans also - that I'd be surprised if many, many don't stay home, turning the congress over to the Democrats. And, of course, the Democrats, next year, would give the president what he wants because then they'll be able to govern America for the rest of the 21st Century [with the support of former illegal aliens who had become newly-legalized voters]."

Not happy.

(Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty.)