Pat Robertson Is A Big Muscly Liar

The more you think about his claim to leg-press 2,000 lb, the weirder it gets. I know, I know. This is hardly the most important thing going on right now. But one of the ten commandments - right after the one about gay marriage - is that you shouldn't lie. A sports columnist, it turns out, has been on the case before:

That would mean a 76-year-old man broke the all-time Florida State University leg press record by 665 pounds over Dan Kendra. 665 pounds. Further, when he set the record, they had to modify the leg press machine to fit 1,335 pounds of weight. Plus, Kendra's capillaries in his eyes burst. Burst. Where in the world did Robertson even find a machine that could hold 2,000 pounds at one time? And how does he still have vision?

How many leg-press machines can handle 2,000 lbs? I've never seen one. Assume that he used 100lb plates - rare, but they exist. Ten on each side? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to say that a leading light of the Republican Party is lying to sell protein shakes.