Pap from Pappas

Here are a couple of paragraphs to depress you about the honorable conduct of senior military figures:

Col. Thomas M. Pappas, the top military intelligence officer at Abu Ghraib, testified in the earlier trial of Sergeant Smith that General Miller had recommended the use of dogs during interrogations. But on Wednesday in the current trial, he testified that General Miller did not make any such specific recommendations.

General Miller did not appear in the earlier trial, invoking his right not to give testimony that might incriminate him. But he changed his position after the Senate Armed Services Committee delayed his retirement until he was more forthcoming.

So one colonel flatly contradicts himself; and another won't testify unless he's thrown a bone by the Pentagon. And we think these military tribunals have a chance in hell of showing why torture and abuse have occurred in almost every interrogation center in the war on terror? These people may not know how to run a military prison but they sure have figured out how to run a cover-up. Daily coverage of the Cardona "trial" can be found here.