Mary on the Team

Marycheney Mary Cheney's new book makes it clear where she stands on the attempt to write anti-gay discrimination into the federal constitution. Money quotes from the GMA interview:

"My father has made it very clear ... That freedom means freedom for everyone. He's stated ... his opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment, which I think is a very big deal ... Today, same-sex couples can get married in Massachusetts and Canada and Great Britain. Can anyone honestly say 10 years ago they thought we'd be having this debate today?"

Well, over ten years ago, some of us helped kick-start the debate and I'm delighted to have had Mary as an ally in the past and present. I agree with Elizabeth Birch and Hillary Rosen in the WaPo this morning. Mary's relationship with her spouse, Heather, is testimony to the endurance and dignity of gay relationships - and their presence in Republican families as well as Democratic ones. Here's a thought: maybe Mary can build on her opposition to the "Marriage Protection Amendment" by agreeing to testify against it when the Senate holds hearings next month. We need you, Mary. Help reclaim the Republican party as the party of freedom, not intolerance. You could make a real difference in humanizing this issue for your own party.