Hey, Wait A Minute

"There is no substitute for Presidential power, but Gore is now playing a unique role in public life. He is a symbol of what might have been, who insists that we focus on what likely will be an uninhabitable planet if we fail to pay attention to the folly we are committing, and take the steps necessary to end it," - David Remnick, the New Yorker.

I don't mean to belittle climate change. It's real; much of it is almost certainly man-made; I'm open to arguments about how best to slow or deal with it. (I don't believe that in a world where India and China are fast developing, we have any serious chance of stopping or reversing it.) But I have yet to hear of any predictions that it is "likely" that global warming will make the earth "uninhabitable" by humans. Is there any basis in fact for this assertion? (A different take on Al Gore can be found here.)