Emails of the Day

A reader writes:

I can not thank you enough for writing the essay "My Problem with Christianism".
I am so sad at what the religious right has done to the word "Christian". I cringe when I hear it because in this political climate it has become almost a bad word to me. I do not share their religion, their certainty or their intolerance. They have hijacked my religion and I resent it. I especially mind the way the media has adopted this description without considering what the vast majority of Christians actually believe.
Thank you for trying to put an end to this myth and to this monopoly. Please know that we "other" Christians are indeed out here!

I have received countless emails on these lines. Here's another I just got:

Raised a Baptist, and baptized as a Christian nearly 60 years ago, the most common portrayals of either connotation has often made me reluctant to declare any religious affiliation at all. My faith is between me and God, and as far as I'm concerned, the same goes for my neighbor, both here and abroad. Naturalists will tell you, if you don't bother a creature, it won't harm you. I have to tell you, Christianism is a big bother to people who think like you and me. It's about time somebody with the necessary fangs bit back!

But I plan on publishing the critical ones day by day and addressing their counter-arguments. (I've already published two with responses here and here.)