Email of the Day

A reader writes:

Over my lunch break, I couldn't help pondering Derb's Lolita article a little more and I found the bright side!

If I understand Derb's rationale, my 29th birthday will really be cause to celebrate! If, as Derb suggests, rape is mainly a function of the victim's hotness, and if a woman's hotness (and therefore probability of being raped) drops off like a "continental shelf" at age 29, then come November, I'm virtually home free! As I enter my last year as a twenty-something and my buttocks begin to sag, I'll be able to walk without worry down darkened city alleys, jog with my headphones on through the park after sunset, and forget about double-checking the locks on the doors before bed! Alas, a life free from all that fuss about personal safety. 

And all this time I've been under the mistaken impression that older women might - might - be less likely to be raped because they (like most adults, about most dangers) are more in touch with their own mortality/vulnerability and more savvy in avoiding dangerous situations. But Derb has made perfect sense of those rape statistics: Hot girls get raped because they're hot and once you're past your mid-twenties, you're not hot.

On this birthday, I'll drink one (or ten) for Derb and stumble home worry free!