Email of the Day

A reader writes:

My wife and I loved your essay My Problem with Christianism. We have been discussing the same issue for a while now but so far we have not been nearly as articulate and precise as you were in that essay. We both grew up Catholic and have remained so. Our kids are in 2nd and 3rd grade and right now going to a Christian school. However, we have decided to send them to a Catholic school next year because of the exact problems you describe in your essay. The administrators and the teachers at the Christian school, as you say, believe "Christianity is compatible with only one political party" and can't understand how any Christian could possibly be truly Christian and vote for a Democrat. They are intolerent of others to the point of almost constant condemnation.  Their narrow view of the world is almost unbelievable.
I hope your essay and others like it will convince others that the Christian right has gone too far in this area. In expressing our views though, I believe we have to stop just short of condeming them the way they condemn others.

Agreed. But what we have to do is describe them in plain English. I'm encouraged that two weeks after its publication, the essay is still among the most emailed articles on There are more Christians out there disgusted by the religious right than the MSM would have you believe.