Conservative Books

A reader observes:

Godless I have often chuckled at the titles that head conservative bestsellers these days (as a resident of liberal Ann Arbor, they're usually lined up for me in the discount section of my bookstore). Nowhere has the decline of rational conservatism into rabid partisan rhetoric become more apparent.

I always hoped someone would write a parody of these books, punctuated of course by some absurdly hateful title. However, I now realize it would be almost impossible to exaggerate the bloodthirsty verbal attacks that now define popular conservative writing. After all, what warped description of liberals could one come up with that has not already been taken.

Deliverus Terrorists? Done (Hannity). Death-lovers? Yep (Ponnuru). Treasonous? Absolutely (Coulter). Mentally disabled? Sure (Savage). And the ever popular, godless (all of the above). By equating liberalism with Nazi fascism, Jonah Goldberg has used the last and most desperate of all attack methods. In their attempts to incite hate (and sell books) these writers have created the closest thing to a parody of the conservative movement I could have imagined.

My favorite is still Sean Hannity's "Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism." Yep: terrorists and liberals, the same evil. But that guy is now a very, very, very rich man.

(Update: I forgot to mention Jon Chait's analysis of the same phenomenon. Worth a chuckle.)