Conflicted Over Robertson

A Jewish reader writes:

In principle, I could not agree with you more about the alarming intolerance that many Christianists display.  Indeed, I chuckled and silently cheered (like many others) as you took down Pat Robertson for his grandiose leg-pressing dreams.  And yet, at the same time I find myself in quite a bind on days like today, when I turn on the television and see that very same Pat Robertson passionately pleading with his constituency to donate to impoverished Jews in Israel.  As a Russian Jew and a strong supporter of Israel's right to exist in safety and peace, it blows my mind that I have to turn in desperation to the Bible Network in order to find any support of the Jewish state or acknowledgment of the lack of moral equivalency between terrorism and self-defense; while most other media outlets have as their favorite pastime the portrayal of Israel as some Goliath state seeking to destroy all in its midst (the #1 threat to world peace, if you remember), the only solid support for the Jewish people in Israel comes from the very people whom I detest for their intolerance on other fronts.

This reality puts me in a rather uncomfortable spot. Because, the fact is, I cannot help but be grateful to Christianists like Pat Robertson for their support for the cause most important to me.   Their hatred of gays has to go on the back burner (despite how important that cause is to me as well), because what is going on in Israel seems to be much more a matter of life and death.  Perhaps when the rest of the world gains some sense and stops trying to deligitimize the Jewish state at every opportunity, I will be able to break from my uncomfortable allegiance with the Christianists. But in a world gone mad, it seems only fitting that such mad allegiances should exist.

Just wait for the rapture ... and such alliances may not seem so sensible.