Christianism Watch

We are constantly told that there is no religious test for high office in the Bush administration. No theocrats there, we're assured. All hysteria. Calm down. And then you read stories like this in which a Texas Supreme Court judge gave over 120 interviews on the down-low to leading Christianists reassuring them of Harriet Miers' evangelical credentials. Money quote:

When asked by an unnamed White House adviser, Hecht also agreed to speak to James Dobson — an influential social conservative, radio host and head of the organization Focus on the Family — about Miers' views on religion and abortion, the [State Commission on Judicial Conduct's] admonition says.

Sworn into office in 1989, Hecht is the most-senior member of the Texas Supreme Court, the state's highest civil court. His reputation as one of the body's most conservative justices also lent credence to his views.

As many conservatives rebelled against Bush's nominee, Dobson became one of Miers' most vocal supporters, cryptically hinting on his radio program that "when you know some of the things that I know, that I probably shouldn't know, you will understand why ... I believe Harriet Miers will be a good justice."

So Rove got Hecht to persuade Dobson that Miers was theologically correct. And these people expect us to believe that their sole crietrion for the highest court is judicial restraint. Hooey.