Christianism U

An in-depth look at Patrick Henry College. Money quote:

"I've been told there are things I cannot teach," Root said. "There are things I cannot ask." At most any liberal arts college, political science students study Thomas Hobbes and his State of Nature, in which the lack of government causes chaos and an ugly, every-man-for-himself state.

To illustrate this point, Root gave his class a fictional example of the State of Nature, in which two people were stranded on a lifeboat that would only be able to save the life of one person. What would ensue? In Hobbes’ State of Nature, the result would likely not be pretty. This example, Stacey said, was perceived as an example of postmodern deconstruction and used to break down morality. So Root's lifeboat example was gone.

But there were other instances that rubbed Noe, Root and Stacey the wrong way. A work of literature, which chronicles the birth of Hinduism, was banned. A text, used to teach the Theology Sequence, which had been chosen by various instructors, was pulled from the shelves unless another, balancing view was added to the curriculum.

"We don't know from day to day, what is going to be accepted or what is not going to be accepted," Root said. "It's a moving target."

Fundamentalism and liberal education: oil and water.