Attention Surplus, Relevance Deficit

The big problem, as Jeff Jarvis sees it, is not that we are suffering from

an attention deficit — that is, that we have so many opportunities for attention, we don’t know where to put it all; we’re overloaded, overdosed. This is an extension of the very old argument that life became too complicated when there is too much information available — which implies that nirvana was sometime between the Garden of Eden and the Library at Alexandria. ... I disagree... What I'm really suffering from is a relevance deficit. I want the means to discover and use the content I find interesting and good, the conversations I find worthwhile, the ads that help me get what I want to get, the emails that are worth answering.

That's why blogs are still a growth area on the web, I think. Because they are a humanizing way for people to get a grip on all the myriad things vying for their attention online. They are filters of an idiosyncratic but reliable kind. They are the emerging brands of the new media era.