A Legal Immigrant - Penalized

A reader writes:

My boyfriend and I are a gay binational couple. He's Thai. I'm an American. Not being able to marry is, well, I don't have words. July 28th, 2007 is the day his Student Visa runs out and there are really no choices but for him to go back to Thailand. Can you imaigine having an expiration date on your relationship? I live with that everyday.

If he stayed here illegally past this date he would be waiting tables with an MBA and be estranged from his family and/or never able to return. Cruel? Check. Unusual? Check. However with the bill in the Senate, I wish to God he was illegal right now. If he'd ditched school and gone out of status back when he'd be "long-time illegal" now and then seemingly eligible to pay some fines and eventually become a permanent resident given that he's been here for 4 years. You know how cheap and easy that is compared to paying for an MBA degree that he didn't even want to start with? He came here to go to language school for a year and then we fell in love and then we were force marched down an educational treadmill so that he could stay in status. Having an MBA is great and all but that isn't where his heart is. He did it for me, Andrew. This just makes my head explode. From where I'm sitting right now we completely screwed up our lives by doing the right thing and obeying the law.

But wait... that's not all... even getting married in some symbolic ceremony or entering into a Cali domestic parnership is "Intent to Immigrate" and in the language of my own tax funded oppression... "An alien seeking to obtain a non-immigrant visa has a burden to prove that he does not have an intent to immigrate." Ah, yes.

The law requires we break up a family and lose a legal immigrant with an MBA. Meanwhile, illegal immigrants with nothing like these qualifications get a gradual amnesty. Go figure.