"I'm The Base Too, And I Resign"

Here's a reader who is expressing some of the frustration among Republican stalwarts right now:

I am a 58 years old retired military intelligence officer, and a current employee of a national intelligence organization ... I have never voted for a Democrat (although I would if a good one received the nomination of the Democrat party - but they won't); Richard Gephart, Joe Leiberman, Jane Hartman, Diane Fienstein, James Webb, Bob Kerry and a few others come to mind. I declined to vote for the re-election of G.W. Bush because I knew he hadn't earned it, and I voted for a 3rd party candidate in the last election. I did vote primarily for the Republican slate however. This time, I'm staying home. I remain a conservative, but I am no longer a Republican and I will not lift a finger for a Republican candidate.

Current history has taught me that in this modern America, divided government is the best government. I pray the Republicans lose the House of Representatives and/or the Senate this fall. This Republican Party is corrupt. It has been sold to the highest bidder, and since I cannot give $100,000 to the Republican, I have no voice within the party.
The Bush administration is incompetent at the basic level of execution of its responsibilities. Its excessive spending and the betrayal the nation's future generations through debt accumulation condemn it. It's prime claim to leadership is a war fought on the cheap with insufficient troops, faulty decision making at the most basic level, and Chicken Hawk wartime civilian leadership. Katrina.

Andrew, the war against fundamental Islam is simply too important to lose. This administration doesn't seem to understand that winning the war with those who wish to extinguish us is more important that tax breaks. It doesn't understand that control of our nation's borders is more important than winning the next election. And it doesn't understand that more often than not, doing the right thing on a routine basis because it's the right thing to do is a way of life, not a campaign slogan. These guys are losers.

We'll see in November.