Still for Bush

A reader dissents:

"I voted for Bush in 2004, though not in 2000. I am a long-time reader of your blog and find myself agreeing with most of your posts and positions. While I'm tempted to regret my 2004 Bush vote for many reasons, ranging from economic to civil libertarian to the way Iraq has been handled, the deteriorating Iranian situation has been a good reminder why, upon reconsideration, I am happy I voted for Bush. Should events continue to unfold in the direction we have been seeing, and should bombingSmugbush02_1 Iranian nuclear sites become the only way to stop their pursuit of the Bomb, would John Kerry ever have the guts to pull the trigger? I think not. 

Sy Hersh's article, intended to be a scare piece, comforted me that Bush will do what is difficult, though necessary, notwithstanding the lecturing of the Leftist and European elite.  Bush's "religious" or "messianic" feeling, as Hersh derisively describes it, that Ahmadinejad is the next Hitler, is a product of the very same personality that is stubborn and the cause of much of our problems domestically and in Iraq.  But ever since 9-11, Iran's pursuit of the Bomb is THE most critical moment in this struggle.  For this reason - and perhaps, for only this reason - I'm glad Bush is the decision maker instead of the spineless and pathetic John Kerry."