Seniors and Marriage

A reader writes:

"Being a "liberal of doubt," I find I have more in common with "conservatives of doubt" than with either "liberals or conservatives of faith" most of the time.  So I check in with you daily. I am also a gay man who didn't have the nerve to fully come out to myself (let alone anyone else) until three years ago at the age of 52. Of course the biggest fear I have is the sometimes overwhelming loneliness.
That loneliness might be a reason that seniors' positions have softened. I would not be at all surprised if there is a growing support among the senior population for a variety of domestic partnerships, exactly the arrangements that could sustain some of them through their worst fears. It would be interesting to know if the polls ever looked at attitudes toward other non-traditional partnerships to see if the whole landscape is changing."

Fascinating. Here's more reporting on the generation of gay seniors now planning for retirement.