Pornography? Umm...

This is the danger and the beauty, Andrew, of letting two writers sub for you at once.

Michelle: How can a tape recording of the struggle on hijacked, crashing Flight 93 be "pornographic?" Then life is pornographic. And maybe so. But I was affected by what happened that morning -- emotionally, politically, imaginatively -- and I don't feel guilty about my interest in knowing exactly how such crimes go down and in hearing the voices of people trying to foil one. Pornography, remember, is staged. This is something else entirely. (Demonism, maybe.) Though perhaps the terrorists have some right to privacy. I mean, what kind of country are we becoming when four consenting adult males can't commit fanatical mass murder in the privacy of their own jet airliner?

Honestly, I don't care what they do with him. Let the system work its will -- I have dishes to do, wet laundry to dry. If a bulletin comes on the radio announcing that Mr.M (my contempt for whom is such that I've never bothered to learn to spell his name) has been sentenced to die, I'll probably just open up the dryer and toss a sheet of Bounce into the load.

"And the serenity to accept the things I cannot change..."