Nitezsche and Neuhaus

I had no idea how many readers are Nietzsche readers. Here's another:

"Based on that article on Richard Neuhaus in TNR, it seems like the man could be a perfect caricature for everything Nietzsche saw as wrong with modern Christianity. Here's a quote from The Gay Science:

"The less one knows how to command, the more urgently one covets someone who commands, who commands severely - a god, prince, class, physician, father confessor, dogma, or party conscience... for fanaticism is the only 'strength of will' that even the weak and insecure can be brought to attain, being a sort of hypnotism of the whole system of the senses and the intellect for the benefit of an excessive nourishment of a single point of view and feeling that henceforth becomes dominant."

Neuhaus' desire for certainty and authority seem to be the exact opposite of what could make for a pure faith that does more than simply project our personal deficiencies. Nietzsche thought no such thing was possible, and Neuhaus' bizarre idea of faith as fetishism of authority only works to prove Nietzsche's side of the argument."

This, alas, is an age longing for authority, when what it really needs is nerve.