Glenn Reynolds zings me today for saying he'd "barely mentioned" the DeLay resignation yesterday on his blog. I wrote that at 9.29 am, based on his brief posting the night before of:

"TOM DELAY is resigning his seat. I'm not sorry. His "no fat in the budget" remark lost me, and I was never much of a fan."

When I wrote that, I didn't actually expect Instapundit to go all day without mentioning the big news. But he did. I don't think it's nuts to say that "Instapundit" "barely mentioned" the DeLay news, when the blog didn't actually mention it at all. It turns out Glenn did write a slightly longer summary on the Guardian blog which appeared at 1.26 pm, I presume GMT. But doesn't that underscore my tiny little off-hand point? Reynolds will let rip on the Republicans to Guardian readers, but tries not to upset his base too much. That's his prerogative. It's also mine to point it out. I'll even link. How Beltway of me.