Happy Easter

Post-book edit break and Easter are taking me and the other half to England. While I'm gone, I'm happy to say two guest bloggers will take my place. Returning to this space is Walter Kirn, novelist, critic, occasional essayist for the corporate overlords. His latest novel is "Mission to America" and the movie of his novel, "Thumbsucker" is now available on DVD. An extra reason for inviting Walter is that, after we threw him in the deep end of the blogosphere last year, he has become more enmeshed in the medium. He's writing an online, real-time novel, "The Unbinding," on Slate. Think Dickens with a modem. I.e. he hasn't written the end yet. Guest blogger Number Two is Michelle Cottle, a fellow senior editor at The New Republic for the last seven years, and contributor to Time. She has also written for the Atlantic, NYT, Slate, and Beliefnet.com. They both have access to the email in-tray so keep emailing. But, as a hard-hatted worker in the Simpsons' gay steel mill once put it, "Be nice." They're our guests. If you hate them, take it out on me when I get back. On the other hand, if you love them, and you will, don't hesitate to let them know.