First Inning

I'm so sorry. It turns out I "inned" the new editor of "Out," which is quite an achievement. My sourceAaron_hicklinx275 was a very good one, and I emailed Aaron Hicklin to double-check, and should have waited longer to hear from the horse's mouth. Aaron emailed a little while ago to say:

"I'm flattered that you should name-check me in your column, especially as I've long been a fan of your writing, and want to bring some anti-consensual ideas into Out, but I must correct one possibly irrelevant misapprehension: I'm very definitely gay, however much I may be accused of acting straight (five years of editing Gear, as senior and then executive editor could easily leave that impression)."

D'oh! Well, the good news is a) his orientation did not seem to be a factor in his being hired, and b) these days, someone can be rightly upset that he has been publicly outed as straight. It could ruin his career! Still, my apologies. I never meant to offend. I know how hard it is to be a public heterosexual these days, and I apologize for throwing the accusation around without proper double-checking.