Domino II

A few readers have pointed out (and many more are thinking), that the Domino Effect or Domino Theory that so excited folks back in the days of Vietnam is not identical to the Tipping Point notion that influenced the planners of the Iraq campaign. But I lumped them together for a reason. The Domino Theory was a fear that that once Vietnam fell to the communists, the rest of Asia would go on falling, while the Tipping Point idea was a hope that once Iraq jumped up to welcome democracy, the rest of the Middle East would go on rising. The ying-and-yang of military psuedo-science drawn from frothy management books.

I wonder if they 'firewalk' at the Pentagon? Or if Cheney has ever let himself fall backwards into Rumsfeld's arms as a team-building, trust-enhancing exercize? They could all do it, right on back to McNamara. All the clever former CEOs.

I liked General Patton's ideas much better, the bloody old coot. They arose from what he'd seen and suffered through, not from books he'd skimmed on airplanes. Or had his assistants skim on airplanes.

If Jack Welch gets a call about Iran we'll know that Armageddon looms.