Brokeback on DVD


My second Just-For-You-Mickey item of the day. It always seemed to me that Brokeback Mountain's commercial success or failure should take into account DVD sales. There are a large number of people in this country who are what I'd call "closet-tolerants". They don't want to make a big splash about being fine with gay people, they don't want to upset socially conservative or Christianist friends, or they don't want to appear gay by going to a gay movie in public. So they may not show up in a movie's box office take until the DVD comes out. And sure enough:

"The film, which earned three Oscars, sold a hefty 1.4 million DVD copies its first day in all retail stores on Monday, according to Universal Studios Home Entertainment, part of the media division of General Electric Co."

It's been Number One on Amazon for a while now, as well. "Narnia" is at Number 9. A reader comments:

"My local Wal-mart has had a large Brokeback Mountain 'sandwich board' sign right at the front door for a couple of weeks now advertising the DVD release. This is in a "conservative" central Pennsyvania suburban store."

Some Christianists tried to prevent Wal-Mart from promoting the DVD. But who's going to argue with 1.4 million in one day?