Yes, he reiterates the official doctrine about the exclusivity of heterosexuality for the God-given state of matrimony. But the logic of "Deus Caritas Est" can be read to include gay love as well, and lose none of its power. A Catholic blogger elaborates:

"I believe you will find that reading this encyclical letter through a series of substitutions, essentially by substituting homosexual love for heterosexual love, does nothing to alter the truths under discussion. And I go further: Deus Caritas Est carries as a mustard seed the implication that it is the unitive dimension of human sexuality and marital love, not the procreative dimension, that is fundamental to their sacramentality."

My own view is that those of us who hold that homosexual orientation is far from an "objective disorder" have nothing to fear from all and any inquiry into the subject. The truth is on our side. And in so far as the Pope speaks the truth, and approaches the truth through reason, he advances the cause of gay equality. Because we are human too. And God loves us as God made us. One day, the Church will proclaim that loudly as well.

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