Violence at UNC?

I met a chap from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, at our pro-Denmark D.C. rally. He emails unsettling news from campus, after the student paper published some of the Danish cartoons:

"After the initial angry letter, the situation was handled respectfully and peacefully, with a sit-in at the Daily Tar Heel, a symposium, and a peaceful rally in front of the student union.
Well, it's a little early to say what's going on, but perhaps you've heard.
At noon today, a recent graduate named Mohammed Reza Taheriazar ... well, drove his jeep into the Pit (a gathering place off of the quad) and hit 9 people.  Given the placement of the Pit, this was obviously an act of aggression; it takes more than a little finesse to get your car that far into campus without being a maintainance vehicle or an ambulance.
There are also reports of a bomb threat two hours later. The bomb threat news is just breaking, and so far nobody knows if it has anything to do Mohammed's road rage. For that matter, there is not yet any evidence that this was motivated by the cartoon published in the Daily Tar Heel, although I'm choosing to connect the dots.
On behalf of the student body, let me stress that this is miles beyond anything else that has happened in the three weeks since the cartoon was originally published. I might be willing to venture that this guy is a loon who was merely waiting for a reason to fly off the handle, and a three-week-old Islam-related controversy was what he went for (after all, how committed can he be if he turned himself in?)"

Stay posted.