Summer Beckons

The Republicans have just raised the debt limit to $9 trillion. The president's incompetence has led us into a very difficult time in Iraq. They have few substantive proposals to offer the public. So what are they going to do to stop a Democratic landslide this November? Yes, you guessed it: another bout of hysteria around the terribly dangerous prospect of gay couples settling down and committing to each other. Fred Barnes lets us know what's coming down the pike. No worries, Fred. We know by now what we're going to be dealing with. It happens like clockwork every summer before an election year. I remember the first time, back in 1996. But each time, it gets a little staler, doesn't it? The bigotry gets a little more obvious - and the threadbare nature of what's left of the conservative movement a little bit starker.  But hang in there. You can maybe squeeze a few more votes out of it. And, by this time, you certainly know how. Joe Gandelman rounds up bloggy reax here.