Quote for the Day

"'Achievement' is the 'diabolical' element in human life; and the symbol of our vulgarization of human life is our near exclusive concern with achievement. Not scientific thinking, but the 'gifts' of science'; the motor car, the telephone, radar, getting to the moon, anti-biotics, penicillin, telstar, the bomb. Whereas the only human value lies in the adventure and excitement of discovery. Not standing at the top of Everest, but getting there. Not the 'conquests' but the battles; not the 'victory' but the 'play.' It is our non-recognition of this, or our rejection of it, which makes our civilization a non-religious civilization. At least, non-Christian: Christianity is the religion of 'non-achievement,'"  - Michael Oakeshott, in an unpublished notebook, retrieved by Paul Franco in his very useful introduction to Oakeshott's increasingly vital thought.