HIV and Government

Unsurprising news from San Francisco: HIV infection rates continue to fall and the expensive efforts of public health authorities don't seem to be the main reason. In fact, many ad campaigns that target HIV-positive men as public health threats are falling on deaf ears. What seems to be working is the decision of many gay men to "sero-sort" their sexual partners. Negs tend to stick to negs; poz to poz. Petrelis comments:

"So HIV rates fall in America's AIDS Model City, not because of government or nonprofit social marketing campaigns, but because of gay men devising our own methods of averting transmission that had nothing to do with the official prevention messages!"

That's one under-reported aspect of the AIDS epidemic among gay white men in the plague years, by the way. Much of the progress was made by groups independent of government taking action first, or by individuals' making informed decisions on their own. Government is no panacea. It's best at funding basic scientific research.  It's downhill after that.