Christianist Socialism

It's more apparent than ever that this administration has abandoned any pretense of being conservative in domestic policy. I don't mean by "conservative" applying fundamentalist theological positions to social policy, regardless of the consequences. That's well entrenched. I mean actually limiting government, favoring personal self-reliance, and balancing budgets. More evidence here:

"A USA Today analysis of 25 major government programs found that enrollment increased an average of 17% in the programs from 2000 to 2005. The nation's population grew 5% during that time.

It was the largest five-year expansion of the federal safety net since the Great Society created programs such as Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960s.

Spending on these social programs was $1.3 trillion in 2005, up an inflation-adjusted 22% since 2000 and accounting for more than half of federal spending. Enrollment growth was responsible for three-fourths of the spending increase, according to USA TODAY's analysis of federal enrollment and spending data. Higher benefits accounted for the rest."

Bush is not a conservative. He's a Christianist in social policy; and a left-liberal on entitlements. This has been clear for several years now. His main achievement has been to wean more and more people onto government assistance; and to pledge vast increases in the generosity of that assistance. None of this will be reversed; very few entitlements ever are. All that's left is a massive tax hike. But that's coming. When it arrives, whoever enacts it, it will be the legacy and policy of one man: George W. Bush. And it will have to be the biggest tax increase for a very long time.