Bush and Christianism

There's an engrossing discussion of Kevin Phillips' new book over at TPM Cafe. I found this comment by Phillips interesting:

"When Bush was at the City Club in Cleveland on Monday, someone in the audience cited my book  and asked whether Bush would comment on how he felt about the relevance of the Apocalypse to the current-day Mideast. He spent five minutes evading the issue and the word. He has to. If he has to talk about these things, he'll lose a lot of people,  and if he ducks, true-believers may start to wonder."

One of the great failings of the MSM is that they simply do not understand the religious and theological underpinnings of the Rove Republican party. Some are beginning to catch on; but a lot of it has to do with a lack of religious or theological training and expertise among many journalists. Even those of us who do have a background in theology can miss a lot. As a Catholic, I've had to do a lot of reading on American evangelical Protestantism to get even a rough grasp of what it's about. Even now, I miss many nuances, I'm sure. But reporters don't have to know everything; they just need to ask questions. Why doesn't someone ask Bush whether he believes in the Rapture or what he thinks of the "Left Behind" series? Why not ask him how his Christianity is reconciled with his own administration's embrace of "water-boarding" as a "coercive interrogation technique"? Many in the MSM are biased liberals; many do their job well; but many more simply don't have the background to ask the right religious questions. It's homework time.