Jb10They are, apparently, officially, back. Just keep an eye on the homos, see? We were pioneering the big facial hair a few years' back, and finally the straight guys are getting into it. Of course, the heteros have to get past women and Gillette, but some women like beards, and Gillette's already jumped the shark with its seventeen-blade razor. Some tips and customer support. There's a stage when about 70 percent of men give up: the itchy and scratchy show that sets in after a few days. That separates the bears from the cubs. If you can hang in there through that, it actually gets less scratchy and itchy in a week or so than keeping the face shaved all the time. Then there's simply the length. Most people, especially your mother/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband (in descending likelihood), will acquiesce as long as you keep it real trim, which is a wussy way to grow a beard. So fight over the size of the guard on the trimmer. My own preference is to use a quarter inch guard for occasional pruning, but to use a pair of scissors just to trim the stray hairs that inevitably make the beard look too unkempt. That way you get to grow the beard slowly, while avoiding the bramble bush look. The models above include one famous Jew-bear fashion star, Oliver Kamm, and his far better-looking friend whose name I'm now too distracted to recall.
Update: the beautiful Jew-Bear whose name first escaped me is Steve Gershman.