The Right to Mock

Matthew Parris knocks it out of the park. Money quote:

"Offence implicitly offered, and offence actually taken, are two different matters. On the whole Christians, for example, take offence less readily than Muslims. The case for treating them, in consequence, differently is obvious, but we should be wary of it. It means groups are allowed to be as thin-skinned as they wish: to dictate for themselves how delicately we must tread with them — to create, as it were, their own definition of respect and require us to observe it. Those who do this may not always realise that that they create serious buried resentments among those of fellow-citizens who are more broad-shouldered about the trading of insult."

European Muslims - all Muslims in the West - need to develop the thick skins freedom demands. In the meantime, the violent demonstrators owe the West an apology, not the other way round.