The Perils of Moderation

I was going to respond to the email I posted in the wee hours, but decided to wait till the morning. Now I don't have to. Charles Krauthammer has. Money quote:

"A true Muslim moderate is one who protests desecrations of all faiths. Those who don't are not moderates but hypocrites, opportunists and agents for the rioters, merely using different means to advance the same goal: to impose upon the West, with its traditions of freedom of speech, a set of taboos that is exclusive to the Islamic faith. These are not defenders of religion but Muslim supremacists trying to force their dictates upon the liberal West.

And these "moderates" are aided and abetted by Western "moderates" who publish pictures of the Virgin Mary covered with elephant dung and celebrate the "Piss Christ" (a crucifix sitting in a jar of urine) as art deserving public subsidy, but who are seized with a sudden religious sensitivity when the subject is Muhammad. "

I have to say that the performance of the British and American media this past week has made me sad to be a journalist. The main objective of those editors has been sensitivity; the last imperative has been giving readers the information we need to understand the world around us. If you want to know why newspapers are struggling, you just found out.