The FISA Mystery

Richard Posner suggests a few easy fixes to FISA that would solve all problems. Others tell me there's already a fix for some of it in the Patriot Act. The Congress would be happy to provide a legal framework for the wiretapping. So we're still stuck with the question of why Dick Cheney and David Addington refused to and still won't allow Congress to amend the law. We have a few possible answers: a) they really believe that the president has constitutional authority to wire-tap Americans without any legal cover; b) they have something to cover up; c) they began the program without Congressional approval and it was too difficult and embarrassing to revisit the original decision; or d) they want to keep the issue in the air because in the crude way it was exploited by the president Tuesday night, it's a good campaign ploy. Paranoids will find reasons to worry it's b) here. Me? I've learned that Cheney and Addington will stop at nothing to defend their power and use it in whatever way they see fit. The Congress to them is a contemptible enemy.