The Danes Did It!

Iran is blaming Europeans for the mosque bombing. I kid you not. Money quote from the Tehran Times:

"Undoubtedly, it is a new plot which first of all can be considered as the continuation of the disrespectful move of the European newspapers’ that published cartoons of the Prophet of Islam ...  Another issue that should also not be ignored is the fact that the occupier U.S. regime, which has turned Iraq’s security to insecurity with its 150,000 troops and military equipment, is the main element responsible for these criminal acts."

Khameini specifically blames mercenaries and, of course, Americans and Jews:

"This is a political crime and its roots have to be traced in the intelligence organizations of the Iraqi occupiers and the Zionists."

The only word for this kind of denial and/or propaganda is pathology. In Pakistan, they're burning American and Israeli flags. Yep: we did it. Of course.